The Perle linux dialout device driver.


The Perle 833 RAS server is a device that you connect to your ethernet. Connect a bunch of modems, and it's a full dial-in server. However most of the time, some of the modems will be idle. You can then use them to dialout from one of the workstations on the ethernet. That's what this is all about. The "dial-in" functionality requires no special drivers.

During the first few months of 2000, BitWizard wrote this software to use the Perle 833 server as a dialout server. This software is now in beta-test. After an initial testing period, the software will be released to the public under the GPL.

This driver has not yet been approved by Perle. If it crashes your machine, please report it to us, so that we can fix it. If something that you need hasn't been implemented yet, please let us know.


GPL is great. However, at the moment we're actively working on this, and I'd like to merge changes into the main source ASAP. So, the license is not GPL yet. It will be in about a month or so. Until that time you have the source, and if you make a useful change, the licence asks you to send me the patch. OK? (Worst that can happen is that I disagree about the patch, and you don't get to distribute your patch immediately. I don't expect this to happen.)


The Perle dialout software consists of three parts. The first is a kernel driver that allows a userspace daemon to handle the implementation of a serial driver. This is generic and has nothing to do with Perle. You can develop daemons that handle different serial ports based on this driver. For example, a daemon for the Specialix Jetstream devices is under consideration right now.

The second part is the daemon itself. It opens the connection to the kernel driver and to the

The third part is the configuration tool. It allows you to create the configuration file interactively.


We're developing on linux kernel 2.3.99-preX right now. Once we're convinced that the code is stable, we'll back-port it to 2.2.x .

At the moment I ask you to contact me and I'll send you the patch and the source to the daemon. This way I'll have a list of people whom I can contact if there is a new version.

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