If you want to use my proofreading service for Emails about free porn, stock opportunities, free trips that I've won, a love letter, or just a MS windows virus, you can contact me at any of the following addresses:
porn: honey00b@bitwizard.nl
travel: honey01b@bitwizard.nl
mailerdeamon virus: honey02b@bitwizard.nl
sircam: honey03b@bitwizard.nl
viacreme: honey04b@bitwizard.nl
spanish games: honey05b@bitwizard.nl
lists of email addresses: honey06b@bitwizard.nl
big5 charset messages: honey07b@bitwizard.nl
vacation: honey08b@bitwizard.nl
pc givaway: honey09b@bitwizard.nl
technische data: honey10b@bitwizard.nl
mlms: honey11b@bitwizard.nl
domains: honey12b@bitwizard.nl
webserving: honey13b@bitwizard.nl
snowhite: honey14b@bitwizard.nl
enanito: honey15b@bitwizard.nl
hahaha: honey16b@bitwizard.nl
bandwidth doublers: honey17b@bitwizard.nl
translation services: honey18b@bitwizard.nl
extra money: honey19b@bitwizard.nl
loans: honey20b@bitwizard.nl
money laundering: honey21b@bitwizard.nl
tracking debts: honey22b@bitwizard.nl
diets: honey23b@bitwizard.nl
windows reliability: honey24b@bitwizard.nl
domain preregistration: honey25b@bitwizard.nl
US visa: honey26b@bitwizard.nl
auction site: honey27b@bitwizard.nl
gambling site: honey28b@bitwizard.nl
career moves: honey29b@bitwizard.nl
other subjects: honey30b@bitwizard.nl
The letter will be proofread and you will be charged $100. If you send your letter to the wrong Email address, we will charge you a $20 reclassifying fee in addition to the proofreading fee. Proofreading will occur withing about 365 days from submission. Failure to provide a correct invoicing address incurs an extra $50 invoicing fee.

If you send multiple Mails, they will be invoiced as separate items, but on one invoice.

Note to humans: People trying to sell the above products are known to scan the web for EMail addresses. Getting a similar message on each of the above addresses is a giveaway that they found my address here.

I filter my Email based on these addresses. If you try to contact me with one of the above addresses, that may get ignored just like the shit it is supposed to attract....

Won't I get MORE unwanted Email? Yes. However, as it's easy to filter automatically, I really don't care. Getting MORE means that it will be easier to make a filter that recognizes messages and thus keeps my regular inbox clean of this crap.

The way that this would work is that a message sent to one of the addresses here is highly likely one I don't want. Messages that look very similar can then autmatically be classified similarly.

I'd still have to sift through messages that get sent to my regular Email addr first.

I sifted through 5 days worth of SPAM to find the above subjects.

Rogier Wolff
Last modified: Mon May 13 09:27:09 MEST 2002