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tw_7segment 0x96<br>
tw_7segment 0x96<br>
spi_spi 0x98<br>
spi_spi 0x98<br>
tw_pushbutton 0x9a<br>

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tw_LCD 0x82
tw_DIO 0x84
tw_SERVO 0x86
tw_7FETs 0x88
tw_3FETs 0x8A
tw_TEMP 0x8C (sometimes called SPI_LM35)
tw_RELAY 0x8E
tw_motor 0x90
tw_pipower 0x92
RPi_UI 0x94
tw_7segment 0x96
spi_spi 0x98
tw_pushbutton 0x9a