FTDI serial 2

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This is the documentation page for the FTDI-serial 2 board. That you can buy in the BitWizard shop.


The FTDI-serial 2 board has an USB connector and a 4-pin serial/UART connector. The brains of the PCB is an FT232RL chip.

External resources


The 4 pin connector is connected as follows

1Ground (G)
2Rx (R)
3Tx (T)
4VCC (T)
  • led1 is connected to CBUS0 (Tx activity)
  • led2 is connected to BCUS1 (Rx activity)
  • led3 is connected to VCC

Jumper settings

IO voltage
1-2: 3V3 (place jumper near FTDI)
2-3: 5V (place jumper near UART header)

Future hardware enhancements



  • Size reduced considerably
  • Added an VCC pin to the Rx/Tx connector


  • Initial public release