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* [[SPI versus I2C protocols]]
* [[SPI versus I2C protocols]]
* [[Daisy-chaining BitWizard I2C boards]]
* [[Daisy-chaining BitWizard I2C boards]]
* [[USB Relay]]
== General pages ==
== General pages ==

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BitWizard documentation wiki.

This WIKI is for documentation of the BitWizard SPI/I2C expansion system and other boards, available from the BitWizard Shop. If you are considering adding information that is not related to one of our products, please contact us beforehand.
It is expressly forbidden to add information intended to promote other sites. It is expressly forbidden to have a program add accounts and add articles with links to other sites.


If you have trouble finding things on this wiki you can:


Developement boards

Expansion boards

General pages

These expansion boards come in I2C and SPI versions, and thus can be connected to a single bus. This allows you to easily expand your microcontroller system with new functions, without the cost of additional I/O pins.


Breakout boards

Other boards

Sample programs

Preparing your developement environment

Sample projects

Raspberry Pi projects