Raspberry Pi LCD program

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Command line arguments

-a <addr>          address of display, defaults to 0x82
-p <l> <c>         Jump to line <l> and character <c>
-t <text>          print text
-T <l> <c> <text>  Print tekst 
-b <>              Adjust backlight level
-C <>              Adjust contrast
-r                 clear/reset/reinitialise? display
-f <file>          display text from file

Example commands

Print current date on line 0:

LCD -p 0 0 -t `date +%m/%d/%Y`

Print the text "Hello World" on line 1, character 2:

LCD -T 1 2 "Hello World"

Print the contents of "textfile":

LCD -f textfile

Write two different strings to two daisy-chained displays:

LCD -a 82 -l 0 -c 0 -t display0
LCD -a 84 -l 0 -c 0 -t display1