Raspberry Pi camera extension kit

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Connecting everything

You can recognise this version by the way the connectors one the "camera board" convertor are mounted on opposite sides of the PCB.

This is very straightforward:
- Turn off your Raspberry Pi
- Connect the opposite-side FPC cable (supplied with the kit) to the CSI connector of your Raspberry Pi, and the adapter board labeled "Raspberry Pi". The silver connectors on the FPC cable should face the HDMI connector on the raspberry pi side. On our adapter board the silver connectors on the FPC face AWAY from the PCB.
- Connect the opposite side FPC cable (supplied with the camera module) to the camera module, and the adapter board labeled "Camera board"
- Connect the IDC cable to both adapter boards. Make sure pin 1 of the cable lines up with de pin 1 markings on both adapter boards (please note: On the board marked with "Camera board", the pin1 marking may be obsctructed by the right-angle connector. The wizard is on the pin16 side of the board)