This is a complete kit for the BitWizard RGB clock. The kit contains everything you will need to build the clock, including the lasercut plywood clockface.
This is a kit, so you'll have to solder everything yourself. A pre-soldered PCB is available at additional cost.

8 74HC595 Shift register
3 N-channel FET
1 BAT54S Diode
64 220 Ohm resistors
6 1K Ohm resistors
4 10K Ohm resistors
8 100nF capacitors
1 10uF capacitor
4 pushbuttons
1 2x10 header
8 2x6 headers
1 2x4 header
1 1x3 header
1 1x2 header
1 jumper
1 mini-USB connector

60 Common-anode RGB LEDs (plus some spares)
8 14-pin IDC connectors
2 meter 14-way ribbon cable
1 meter heatshrink

1 USB-Multio

1 Mini-USB cable
1 USB power supply

1 plywood clockface
Screws to hold everything together

Documentation for the complete project

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RGB clock - Full kit

  • Brand: BitWizard
  • Product Code: RGB Clock full kit
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €125.00

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