This board controls up to 8 strings of up to 300 WS2812 leds each for a total if 2400 RGB leds!

"Wouldn't it be easier just to make one long string?" you might ask. There are two reasons for this. First the implementation gives us 7 "free" channels once we have the first one going. No savings in RAM or time if we choose to do only one string. Secondly, each led requires a fixed time to send it its data: 30 microseconds. That might not sound as much, but for 2000 leds that adds up: 60 miliseconds for all the data, or a maximum framerate of 16FPS. To keep the  update rate high, you need to keep the strings short. At 300 leds per string, we could in theory update 100 times per second. 

Keep in mind that lots of leds requires a big powersupply. Each led can consume up to 60mA, so with 100 leds you're already at 6A, 300 leds is 18A, and the full configuration of 2400 leds requires 144A!


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WS2812 usb controller

  • Brand: BitWizard
  • Product Code: WS2812 usb controller
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  • €19.95

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